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  • ArcticSource1 purchase Sano from Great Earth Scandinavia

ArcticSource1 hjelper mennesker til bedre helse, både direkte og indirekte gjennom datterselskapet Isblå AS og søsterselskapet Selvinnsikt Ernæringstester AS

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ArcticSource1 purchase Sano from Great Earth Scandinavia
03 Mai 2021 13:37 | Pressemelding

Great Earth Scandinavia has sold the Sano Helseprodukter supplement brand to ArcticSource1 along with the rights to support Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) offered in Norway through the laboratory of Trace Elements in the US.

“ArcticSource1 came to us after 5 years of collaboration and asked if we would sell the brand along with the related rights, and we accepted their offer,” says Chief Marketing Officer Viktor Jalkler of Great Earth. “Sano is a 30-years old brand positioned to support Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Norway, now sold through the webstore Isblå, and we are delighted that ArcticSource1 wants to continue to build on its success,” he continues.


“Great Earth has been a superb owner of the brand and a strong partner for us,” says Jan Håkon Håkonsen of ArcticSource1. “Market development towards personalized nutrition through testing of individual needs makes Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Sano supplements well positioned for growth in Norway, as it has in Sweden,” he concludes.


Sano Helseprodukter is a product line with 19 unique supplements. Based on the individually tested needs for both macro and micro-nutrients through Trace Elements laboratories in the US, the Sano supplements supports rebalancing individual’s nutritional status. Nutritional rebalancing helps improve performance, assist in recovery from ongoing aches and pains, or simply regain quality of life. It is particularly helpful to people who, over time, have been exposed to physical or mental stress, feel a lack of energy or who are generally fatigued. Sano will be sold along with other leading brands including the Isblå omega-3 line, through the webstore named isbla.no.


The parties have agreed not to disclose terms of sale.

ArcticSource1 was established in 2010 by Jan Håkonsen, with focus on helping Americans to better health through sales of marine ingredients from the Arctic region. The company now offers nutritional oils and proteins like Omega-3, collagen and other health products, including specialized products for the practitioner market in Norway through the webstore isbla.no. The company focuses on the Scandinavian, North and South American markets.

Jan Håkonsen         Phone: +47 483 06 667

Great Earth was founded more than 30 years ago, with a dream of a better world for both humans and the planet. Our supplements are developed so that you can get what you actually need - nothing more. That way we also avoid wasting the earth's resources. Today we are one of Sweden's leading brands in natural health.


Viktor Jalkler         Phone: +46 730 485 274

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